Smile design consultations

Dr. Naomi’s smile design consultations are designed to help you achieve your ideal smile. Whether your teeth need complete rehabilitation or you just want to change the color or shape of one tooth, we can help you achieve the results you are looking for.

At the consultation appointment Dr. Naomi will:

  1. Go over your concerns with your teeth and determine what your treatment goals are
  2. Complete a comprehensive esthetic evaluation to go over the eight components of an ideal smile.
  3. Complete a comprehensive oral, muscular, and joint evaluation.
  4. Take photos of your teeth and smile.
  5. Take models of your teeth.

From this information, Dr. Naomi will come up with various treatment options to idealize your smile while working within your budget.

Prior to your smile design consultation you should think about:

  • What shade of white you would like your teeth to be (Natural, Paper-white, or somewhere in between)
  • Are you happy with how much tooth shows when you smile and when you relax your lips?
  • Do you prefer perfectly aligned teeth or teeth with slight variations?
  • Are you happy with the amount of gums showing when you smile.

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