What makes a beautiful smile

These eight components of teeth are the foundation for smile design and are all
crucial for creating an esthetically pleasing smile.

Symmetry of teeth

it is especially important that the two front teeth are similar in color, texture, and shape. Our eyes are naturally drawn to these teeth because they are the center or the mouth and are next to each other, which allows the eye to compare them easily. The other front teeth should also be similar in shape and have an overall harmonious flow with the rest of the teeth in the mouth.

Alignment of teeth

Aligned teeth are important for overall health of the oral cavity. Aligned teeth are easier to clean and therefore are less likely to decay. Aligned teeth also function better when chewing and tend to protect against muscular and joint issues. Alignment of the front teeth is important for overall esthetics, but slight variations in alignment can also be preferable for some patients

Tooth position

Tooth position in the jaws is very important for speech and lip support and also for keeping you looking young. If the teeth are too short it gives the patient an aged appearance and can cause issues with speech. If the teeth are positioned too far backward or forward the lips will either have a “sunken-in” or a “pushed-out” appearance.

Color of teeth

The color of the teeth should be relatively similar throughout the mouth. The three components of color (chroma, value, and hue) must all be considered to make sure that restorative work looks natural with the rest of the teeth. The degree of whiteness of the teeth is not standardized and depends on the preferences of the patient.

Spacing of teeth

Teeth should ideally have light contact with each other to prevent food trapping between them. They should not appear overlapped or have visible spaces between them.

Width of smile

Broad smiles are generally most pleasing to the eye. It is also important thah3t all the space in the smile be filled with tooth structure rather than empty space.

Shape, color, and fullness of lips

The lips are the draping for the teeth. It is very important to consider the smile line and make sure the teeth fall appropriately onto and within the lips. The edges of the teeth should not be covered by the lips when smiling.

Gum health and gumline

Tissue and bone health are the foundation for healthy teeth. A mouth free of gingivitis and periodontal disease is crucial prior to starting any cosmetic treatment. The height of the gums and symmetry of gum tissue is very important for creating an esthetically pleasing smile. Too much or not enough gum tissue is not ideal esthetically.

Finally, it is very important that all these components be examined relative to the face. The midline of the front teeth should be straight and line up with the nose, and the overall plane of the teeth should be level with the eyes.

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